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Some of you may not know this, but I am a published author. I published my first novel in October 2008. If you would like to see what other novels I have or am in the process of publishing, click the link below for the full list!


Book Covers</u>

Akhetaten's Gates by Ravyn-KarasuUPDATED Taming of Coyote Cover by Ravyn-KarasuBook Cover - Poinsettia by Ravyn-KarasuThe Midnight Selkie Cover - UPDATED by Ravyn-KarasuThe Karasu Kollektion Cover by Ravyn-KarasuThe Dutch Dynasty Cover by Ravyn-KarasuDie 12 verbotenen Tone Cover by Ravyn-KarasuWinterborn - Book Cover by Ravyn-KarasuVladimir - Book One Cover by Ravyn-KarasuPapa Don't Preach - Book Cover by Ravyn-KarasuTea For Two in the Heart of Boston - Book Cover by Ravyn-Karasu


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Pokemon Art Requests

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 8, 2015, 1:14 AM
No, I didn't forget. I've just been so busy with other things. So, I am very sorry about those who have still not gotten their requests done after all this time. I still remember you and I still intend to do the requests I promised. I just had a lot of things to worry about with college, publishing some new books, and just some personal down time I really needed.

So, I've really gotten back into Pokemon recently and wanted to do some artwork. So, I'll likely be trying to get some sketches done here in the coming weeks if college isn't too crazy.

AS OF NOW: I am not taking any new requests


Here's a key to help people know where they stand in completion:

:iconabsol117laplz: - Not Started Yet
:iconcubonelaplz: - Sketch Completed 
:iconsandshrewlaplz: - Flats Started
:icongengarla-plz:- Texturing and Shading Started
:iconcyndaplz: - Complete!

:iconsquirtlaplz: - First Entry
:iconbulbala-plz: - Second Entry
:iconmanderepiclaplz: - Third/Final Entry

All Plz icons created by :iconlitecrush:


:iconsquirtlaplz: - :icondragon-cana-love: - Kron [1.Tauros 2.Electivire 3.Charizard 4.Mega Tyranitar 5.Tyrantrum 6.Giratina] - :iconcyndaplz:

Request - Kron's Pokemon Team by Ravyn-Karasu

:iconsquirtlaplz: - :iconkidoblivion: - Rin [1.Shiny Charizard 2.Gengar 3.Bisharp 4.Umbreon 5.Weavil [F] 6.Houndoom] - :iconcyndaplz:

Request - Rin's Pokemon Team by Ravyn-Karasu

:iconsquirtlaplz: - :iconepicfail222: - Jake [1.Blastoise 2.Flygon 3.Magmortar 4.Jolteon 5.Gardevoir 6. Teddiursa] - : :iconcyndaplz:

Request - Jake's Pokemon Team by Ravyn-Karasu

:iconsquirtlaplz: - :iconfraescanvas: - Void [1.MewTwo 2.Arbok 3.Abra 4.Murkrow 5.Mismagius 6.Pumpkaboo] - :iconcyndaplz:

Request - Void's Pokemon Team by Ravyn-Karasu

:iconsquirtlaplz: - :iconpkmntrainerjackson: - Jackson [1.Lucario w/Fedora 2.Wevil [F] 3.Zoroark 4.Gengar 5.Riolu 6.Seedot] - :iconcyndaplz:

Request - Jackson's Pokemon Team by Ravyn-Karasu

:iconsquirtlaplz: - :icontempestvortex: - Sancho [1.Frogadier 2.Scraggy 3.Tyrunt 4.Darmanitan 5.Rotom] - :iconcyndaplz:

Request - Sancho's Team - I Regret Nothing! by Ravyn-Karasu

:iconbulbala-plz: - :icontempestvortex: - Suzy [1.Liligent [Red Scarf] 2. Sylveon] - :iconcyndaplz:

Request  Suzy's Pokemon Team by Ravyn-Karasu

:iconmanderepiclaplz: - :icontempestvortex: - Tikoro San-Torez [1.Bibarrel 2.Kadabra 3.Grotle 4.Gabite 5.Mantine] - :iconcyndaplz:

Pokemon Request - Tikoro San-Torez's Team by Ravyn-Karasu

:iconsquirtlaplz: - :iconbioluxx: - Bioluxx [1.Sceptile 2.Golurk 3.Meinshao 4.Ledyba 5. Magnezone 6.Hawlucha] - :iconabsol117laplz:

:iconsquirtlaplz: - :icondukemills: - Alessa [1.Glaceon 2.Articuno 3.Hitmonchamp 4.Hitmonlee 5.Alakazam 6.Hypno] - :iconabsol117laplz:

:iconsquirtlaplz: - :iconstrange12girl: - Kat [Eeveelutions] - :iconabsol117laplz:

:iconsquirtlaplz: - :iconshad0wchas3r115: - Clayton [1.Raichu (Male -belly tuft) 2.Serperior (with laurel crown) 3.Feraligatr (Female, scar across snout and left eye) 4.Mega Lucario (Male, Cowboyish hat and coat, wheat in mouth) 5. Mega Charizard X 6. Aegislash] - :iconabsol117laplz:

:iconsquirtlaplz: - Shadeh [PokeCommunity] [Zorua & Zoroark back to back (Signature size)] - :iconabsol117laplz:

:iconsquirtlaplz: - Legion - V [1.Mega MewTwo Y 2.Skarmory 3.Typhlosion 4.Hitmontop 5. Ampharos 6.Shiny Dugtrio] - :iconabsol117laplz:

:iconsquirtlaplz: - ChampionTurquoise - Shuckle - :iconabsol117laplz:

:iconsquirtlaplz: - :iconvibraknife: - Ampharos - :iconabsol117laplz:

:iconsquirtlaplz: - ToyingFlames - 1. Mega Alakazaam 2. Kingler 3. Shiny Metagross 4. Shiny Whimsicott 5. Shiny Breloom 6. Volcarona - :iconabsol117laplz:

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Mein Gott - Hetalia/Prussia
  • Reading: Turning Grace by J.Q. Davis
  • Watching: Creepypastas
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Eating: Salad
  • Drinking: Vanilla Coca Cola


Here you can get a general idea as to what I will do.

Requests | Closed

Commissions | Open

Collab | Open


Feel free to note me if you have any questions or would like to discuss/negotiate one of the above.

I'm sorry, but currently, requests are closed as I am very far behind. I will have to finish the previous requests before considering another event.

If you want a painting from me [fanart and written work included], and don't want to wait, it will have to be a commission.


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