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Some of you may not know this, but I am a published author. I published my first novel in October 2008. If you would like to know what I've published and where to purchase them, here's a list below.

Akhetaten's Gates by Ravyn-Karasu

Akhetaten's Gates

Genre: Historical Fiction/Spiritual Adventure

Published: Oct 2008

Click medium for purchasing details.


Synopsis: Nefertiti always believed that she was destined to be a nobody, and living in her sister's shadow. All of that changed when she was pulled from death by a mysterious entity and placed in a ""modern"" world to prepare for her destiny.

Five years later, Nefertiti is returned to the land of ancient Egypt and comes face to face with a misfit prince named Amenhotep IV. Together, they form a love and bond that endures throughout spiritual adventures, political mishaps, and outrageous acts of blasphemy. Follow this semi-whimsical tale of a love that lasts throughout all hardships and throughout the tests of time.


UPDATED Taming of Coyote Cover by Ravyn-Karasu

The Taming of Coyote

Genre: Fantasy

Published: COMING SOON!

Synopsis: What would you think if everyone told you that coyotes were like the boogeyman? For Sonya, that is a claim she has heard her entire life. Her village of Tyrn is said to be cursed by an angry forest spirit that uses coyotes to exact its revenge. For as long as she could remember, coyotes have been seen as deadly demons, but the free-spirited child had barely ever even seen one during her playful days in the woods, let alone in the village.

This all changed one day when a coyote made an appearance on her farm. From that moment, Sonya finds herself thrown into controversy that eventually leads to her coming face to face with the very devil her village has feared for so long. What he tells her, though, will change everything that Sonya has ever known and believed about the village of Tyrn.



So, as some of you may know, I am a member of Jokrtainment Studio where we make webcomics. I also do some fancomics as well.

You can see promotional work as well as submit fanart to Jorkrtainment's official group:


Also, don't forget to follow and like us here:


Of course, don't forget to follow and like me too:…

Jokrtainment Studio Title

Click to see the first page

Random Emo Cookies / Adorkably Awkward - A comic primarily written and drawn by :iconjokar216:. It's the future! The existence of demons has been proven and they have been accepted by society. Some demons chose to contribute to society as normal citizens while others chose to remain in their evil ways. When these demons rise up, the call is made and four individuals spring into action to stop them. They are the Random Emo Cookies. -Updated Every Saturday

The Black Train - When young Benjamin is grounded, he decides to run away and join the circus. However, he's in for the night of his life when he gets to the train station...

Resonance - When a little girl is left at an orphanage, a little spider sees how lonely and sad she is. Hoping to make the little girl feel like she has at least ONE friend, the spider rushes to make something special just for her.

Disturbia - NYR* - Ever wonder where Remy-Wren Schroedinger came from? This is it. Remy-Wren lives in a Voodoo community, hopping back and forth between the houngan she's been friends with her whole life and the Lwa spirits. She has to learn and develop into an effective and mature spirit amidst magical happenings as well as familial drama. Coming Soon.

Temptation Waits - NYR* - Vanessa was desperate to get out of her parents’ home, leading her to marry an older man. When her relationship becomes sour and abusive, she is given a mysterious box that is said to hold the keys to her freedom and revenge.

NYR* = Not Yet Released


Other Webcomics

These are webcomics that are not fancomics and not affiliated [currently] with Jokrtainment Studio. These are independent and/or collaborated ventures.

Kemetic Hourglass - [Currently on Hiatus] - NYR* - A story by :iconmcmclamb: and myself with a fantasy pirate steampunk feel. A group of misfit friends are sailing the sandy seas in search of freedom, adventure, and treasure. Perhaps, a little revenge might arise as well.

You can keep updated on Kemetic Hourglass and it's eventual return from hiatus on it's official DeviantArt group. :iconkemetic-hourglass:

One Touch - NYR* - An original short story by me of the same name, along with Egyptian artist, Osama Eltokhy. Hector has recently lost his parents and it sent to live with his abusive and neglectful uncle in the city. Despite being sent back to his uncle, Hector gained the friendship of a mysterious homeless mute woman named Delilah. Coming Soon.



Responsible - [South Park] - Based on the fanficion "Kyle's Egg" by :icongabriellovesshadow:. Kyle wakes up one morning to find a mysterious egg. With no explanation, he assumes that Stan is responsible for the egg and the two attempt to care for the egg to see their "baby."

PokéPasta Comics - [Pokémon] - NYR* - A collection of specially chosen Pokémon Creepypasta adapted into webcomic format. Titles will be spread out as they are released. Coming Soon.

Like a Magikarp - [Pokémon] - A short webcomic loosely based on the parody song by NateWantsToBattle." The story of a young boy and his Magikarp.

PastaPanic - [Various] - NYR* - A collection an fandom and original Creepypastas specifically chosen for webcomic retelling. Individual issues will be shared as they are released. Coming Soon.</i>

Valiant - [Pokémon] - NYR* - An epic story about a young Ralts and his grand adventure from the hands of his trainer and grand battles that continually change the course of his life forever. Coming Soon.</i>



:iconoddbastide: :icondravnofficial: :iconkoyra-himiko: :iconthekawaiigirl123: :iconsecretadmire18:




Journal Entry: Sun Aug 10, 2014, 8:51 AM
While I've been on DA for several years now, I think I should offer an FAQ to make this page easier to use.

Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because I enjoy it, but it can get tiring at times. This isn't just a hobby. This is what I do.

2. WHAT do you do, exactly?

I do digital paintings. Some are original work; some are fanart; and some are paintings of sketches done by other artists. By the way, YES, I do credit the original artist for allowing me to paint their sketch.

This is not the only thing I do. As you can see on the page, I also make comics, which IS something I do for fun and use to practice my skills. I am also and foremost a novelist. Primarily, I write for a living.

3. You say you're a novelist. Are you published?

Yes. I published my first novel in October of 2008. I make journal updates when something is coming along for publication. I also have an information box that does and will show progress as to what is going to be published, when it was published, information about the book, and where to purchase them.

4. Do you do requests/commissions/collaborations?

I do, but please be mindful. Requests are done for special events. Please don't beg.

Commissions are almost always open. I'm not going to say no to money. However, do keep in mind that there are some things I won't do. Please note me to discuss a commission. We will negotiate the details then. I require a down payment before I begin commissions. Half before and half when it is complete and the client is satisfied.

Collabs are done in two ways. The most obvious is when someone comes to me and wants to work on a painting or story together. We can discuss details via note. The other way tends to be the other way around. A lot of people have great sketches and don't color them. I like to paint sketches, so you may see some colored versions of sketches in my gallery. Check the description for information considering the original artist of those pieces.

5. Do you do furries/people/anime/fetishes/smut?

I enjoy painting a range of things. Check my gallery for examples. I do not write or paint smut. I don't generally do nudes either, though you may find a partial nude here and there in my gallery, it's not something I actually do. I love anime, so I don't mind doing anime styles.

As for fetishes, it depends on the fetish, I suppose. I do not do smut. Fluff, sure. Shounen-ai/Shoujo-ai/Pairings, sure. No problem...just nothing smutty.

6. Do you have a tablet?

I get this question a LOT. No. I do NOT own a tablet. All I have is this laptop All my artwork is done via the mouse pad on the laptop

7. How do you do your artwork?

I use GIMP primarily. I actually broadcast when I do artwork, so I can show people what it is I do as I do it.

8. What is your broadcast?

There is no set time for this. As some may know, I have a livestream channel where I broadcast my art as I'm working on it. Those with accounts get to use the chat room and talk to me and other people. I do NOT use a mic most of the time, though. I mostly type in the chat room with the rest of the people.

There is often music playing, but it can be muted if you don't like it. The channel basically serves as a gathering place for people who want to see me work and/or just hang out with me.

Trust me, it's OKAY to chat with me there. I LOVE having company while I work. Be sure you follow me/my journals as I always announce when I'm on.

Keep in mind that I can work for HOURS like this. So, if the journal announcement says I'm currently online...I'm most likely still online, even if it's hours later. I'll always update with Offline if I am indeed offline. My journal announcement often tells what sort of playlist I have and what project I'm working on.

So, if you want to hang out, get a free livestream account and keep an eye out for the next broadcast. Or...don't get an account. You can still watch but we won't be able to interact.

8. What are those videos you post under your Featured Picture?

Most times, I will record the entire progress of a painting. The livestream broadcasts are recorded. Don't worry, if you're in the Livestream Chat room, it doesn't show up.

When I finish a painting, I take all the sessions I recorded, mute them, speed them up, put music on them, and upload them to my youtube account. It's basically a faster version of the painting being done.

9. You have a Youtube Account?!

Yes. It's here:

It's mostly sped up art videos, but there are some videos of my pets, me, and other little whatevers I wanted to upload.

10. What/Where are the webcomics?

I do original comics but also fan comics. Read my main page to find out what they are. There are links to the synopsis journal. Also, there is an information box that shows the latest updates of which comics. Check there if you would like to read them.

11. Do you do animations/Avatar?

Eh, sometimes. However, I'm not very good. My animations are choppy and I have trouble with file sizes. despite using computers my whole life, I'm not as savvy as I'd like to be.

12. Can I read your stories

If you mean my novels, then, yeah. You can normally find excerpts in my gallery. They are often pre-edits, so they aren't as nice as the final copies, but you get to see a process.

13. Can I get a free/autographed copy of your books

Well, no. You can't have a free copy. I normally don't have spare copies on me. This is also something you'd have to pay for, unless your library has a copy. E-books and Paperbacks are available of my novels.

As for autographs, I can't sign an e-book, which is unfortunate. However, if you have purchased/acquired a Paperback copy of my novels, I have no problems signing them...but that normally would require the help of a mailman lol

14. Can you paint a picture/write a story about my OC?

Maybe. Most likely that will be a commission or special event, but even then I'd need references. Remember, if YOU don't know what you want, I don't know. I can't see inside your head. Stories will always be somewhat short/one-shot.

15. How much longer with it take to get my picture/story?

As long as it takes. People paying money get to set reasonable deadlines. Those with're just subject to when I have the time and motivation. Don't harass or rush me, or I may decline doing it at all.

I don't mind a reminder if you're really curious if I remember. If I tell you I have it though, it means you are on my list and you will get your piece when I get to it. Trust me, it takes time and I have to be in the right zone to do it if it's going to look interesting.

15. Can you do X from Y Fandom? Can you do N real life person/people?

Scary zone. Like, if you asked me for a painting of PewdiePie, I'd probably freak out since I'd have no idea what I was doing. Real life people are scary. Likewise if you asked for a painting of the band Lordi with all its members. I couldn't promise you that I could. People are hard for me in general but real people is still very intimidating to me.

Now, as for fandoms, it really depends on the fandom and who. Like, if you asked me for APH Germany from Hetalia or Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura or Cheetarah from Thundercats or Twilight Sparkle from MLP: FiM...well, then maybe. I would try my best, as I am familiar with these fandoms.

Now if you asked for a picture of Dr. Who or something, I'd be more reluctant action people. I'd do my best but I can't promise a masterpiece unless you don't mind a different style.

Yet, if you asked for Erin from Attack on Titan or Him from Powerpuff Girls (Actually I know who this is and would be able to do it, but I'm not super into the fandom), I would try, but would need references and would likely not be able to write anything particularly good if a fic were asked of me...since I'm not really in these fandoms and don't know these people. It's not a definite NO, but it would require some research and references.

So...yeah, just because I am or am not into a fandom is not a definite, as it depends on the who (Alucard from Hellsing would be very hard, despite me loving the fandom) and how well I know the fandom (I have never watched Attack on Titan and know very little about Harry Potter). So...yeah, it would just be something you'd have to ask. Just because I don't know it doesn't mean I don't like it. You might get me into something new...or I may just not like it but be open to trying some art for it.


So, that's all I have for now. If something comes up, I'll probably add to this. I hope this makes things a little easier on people...and if you still have questions, note me. It's okay. I don't bite. You can ask me things.

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  • Eating: Blueberry Bagels
  • Drinking: Cherry Coke


Here you can get a general idea as to what I will do.

Requests | Closed

Commissions | Open

Collab | Open


Feel free to note me if you have any questions or would like to discuss/negotiate one of the above.

I'm sorry, but currently, requests are closed as I am very far behind. I will have to finish the previous requests before considering another event.

If you want a painting from me [fanart and written work included], and don't want to wait, it will have to be a commission.


Here is a list of webcomic updates made and the dates they were updated. If you are curious about a title, just check out the Webcomic tab on this page, click the link here or there,'re free to note or leave a comment and ask.



- 6-14-14



- 6-5-14

- 5-26-14

Creature Features

So, I play several OC's on the Facebook Hetalia RP community. They consist mostly of State and Canadian Province OC's. There is a nice little community there. Anyway, we joked that we should make Marukaite parodies for each of our characters. I don't know if everyone will. I want to try with mine.

The first one I did was Alejandro Villa aka the Republic of Texas. And yes, that's the karaoke version of Spain's Marukaite. I can't make music or sing so...this will just have to do for now. But I did the artwork, except for the Texas Flag. That's stock.

This took forever to put together. Italy and Romano from Hetalia to the tune of Pompeii by Bastille. One is the raw and the other has the lyrics.

This is the video commercial I made for the Haiti Reads organization, promoting education and providing books to children in Haiti. Check out the website here:

I made this AMV for kicks and to play with my newer version of Movie Maker. Lucifer and December Easter are property of ME. Boogeyman-Comin to Getcha! is the property of WWE and Marty Wright.


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