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My love, my love, my beloved...

My heart skips a beat and is fluttery.

I hold on tight, cherish the memories of you.

I wake up sad for you are not there.

When will I get to see you again?

I hold on tight but I fear those memories might fade,

Even if I don't want them to.

There will always come a time when I'll want just one more glance...

One more look upon that face.

I hope to see a smile there, so then I can feel at peace.

Let your radiance be my rain; let your happiness be your umbrella.

Smile for me and I'll dance for you.

If you go away today, tomorrow can't arrive too soon.

I'll keep you in my heart and thoughts.

I hope you do the same.

Do you miss me when we're apart?

Are there things you hold dear?

You have given me a voice for song.

The song, I wrote it for you.

You've done more than you think.

You needn't repay a thing.

Your smile is enough; your happiness is radiant.

Let it be my sunlight and bring me tomorrow.

Then, another memory can be made when I see you again,

My love, my love, my beloved.

I was actually just goofing off when I wrote this. I was playing on Google Translate and just started writing sweet little romantic nothings. I role play a character for the Hetalia FB RP community, an OC of the Republic of Texas.

The character is known for singing songs about the other characters. I'll probably share them for laughs. Since he just got into his first relationship, I thought it would be cute for him to sing a song to his partner. Of course, since it was on Google Translate, I translated it into Spanish...which didn't quite translate properly... So...I won't be sharing the Spanish version lol.

This is the original English version of the poem I wrote that would be his song. It stands rather nice on its own too.

As for the picture, yes that's my character, but it was made using RinmaruGames.
Asukatheninja360 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Student General Artist
Aw~! This is so sweet! :love:
The joy of being with the one you love and the sorrowful feeling of loneliness when they aren't there. Still, that person has left their imprint on your heart. You remember your times with that person and you can't help but feel happy just form the thought of them. It makes it all the better when you two are to meet again.
Sorry, I have my times of being a romantic. ^_^
Ravyn-Karasu Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
S'all good. It's free verse I suppose so it's kinda just...there rather than structured, but I really liked it. Even I had to stop a few times and just go "awwwww."
Asukatheninja360 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student General Artist
You did nicely, Ravyn. :thumbsup:
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